Westel Fiber Benefits

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Voice Feature Guide

Access voice mail from home *09 (Your default password is 1234.)
Access voice mail remotely Dial your phone number, press *, then your password.
Turn on Anonymous Call Rejection *77
Turn off Anonymous Call Rejection *87
Turn off Call Waiting *70
Call Trace *57
Turn off Caller ID *67
Toggle Do Not Disturb *04
Call Park *05
Redial *07
Call Return *69
Transfer a call *08
Priority Call *61
Turn on Selective Call Forward *63
Turn off Selective Call Forward *83
Call Block - On *60
Call Block - Off *80
Use Privacy Guard *88
Use Abbreviated Dialing *3
Program Abbreviated Dialing 75*
Speed Dial 74*
Forward all calls - On 72# followed by the number
Forward all calls - Off 73#
Initiate a 3-Way Conference (1) While on a call flash the switch hook.
(2) Dial the number of the person that you want to conference in.
(3) Flash the switch hook again.