Internet Customers

Now along with the FASTEST Internet Service in the Country, you can talk on the phone and surf the web simultaneously! We have a few Internet and Phone bundles that will help you save money!


Westel Fiber's Internet and Phone Combo Packages
  Phone Fax Internet Speed Long Distance Price
PRIME 1 0 10 MB/s 3¢ / min $51.95
ELITE 1 0 50 MB/s 3¢ / min $64.95
WARP 1 0 70 MB/s 3¢ / min $76.95
SOHO PRIME 1 1 10 MB/s 3¢ / min $65.95
SOHO ELITE 1 1 50 MB/s 3¢ / min $78.95
SOHO WARP 1 1 70 MB/s 3¢ / min $89.95

Reasons to Upgrade

Save money on phone service with features like unlimited phone service at home. Thats less money than mobile minutes so you could downgrade your mobile plan to save additional money.

Follow me feature and forward to mobile service when away and can be scheduled for work and school.

Less expensive than Qwest and Cable phone service and you also get more internet speed, faster better video & music, more responsive gaming, quicker access to social media sites, and data security with offsite backups

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